For five thousand years Ayurveda has been teaching us how to balance our body and mind

This ancient philosophy of medicine from India offers us numerous solutions for the natural well-being of our hair and skin. Today, let’s focus on some important tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

Ayurveda Tips for Beautiful Hair and Skin

Using Ayurveda for Beautiful Hair and Skin

11 Essential Ayurvedic tips for Beautiful Hair and Skin

  1. Know your dosha. In Ayurvedic medicine, each of us is ruled by three energies or doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. It’s important to identify which dosha we belong to. This defines our skin type and guides our skincare. Vata skin is usually dry, thin, and with a tendency for early wrinkles. Pitta skin is sensitive, with high chances of inflammations and acne. Kapha skin is thick, oily, and with visible pores. Each skin type requires a different approach from a variety of treatments.
  2. Detox. Detoxing is one of the very important elements in Ayurveda. Hence, the cleansing process has a special place in Ayurvedic skin care routines. While choosing a scrub or peeling, it is best to try cosmetics that are based on sugar instead of salt. Sugar helps to retain moisture in the skin and regenerate cells. Its cooling effect is also perfect for the summer. We can mix sugar with some herbs or rose petals for a better result. However, remember not to use roses bought at a local flower shop, as we can’t be sure where they come from.
  3. Choose oils over creams. Ayurvedic skincare favors oils rather than face creams. Oils play a significant role in Ayurvedic healing massages, especially Coconut oil which is used to treat irritated skin because of its cooling properties. Of course, there are plenty of other oils to choose from. My favorite is the universal jojoba oil, because not many other oils work well with dry and oily skin at the same time.
  4. Use face masks. In Ayurveda, applying a face mask is one of the most important steps in skin care. Nothing cleans and nourishes the skin as quickly and efficiently as a good face mask. Which should we choose? Ayurvedic medicine offers many options. Those with oily skin could try Multani Mitti clay, which thoroughly cleanses pores. Chickpea flour can be used to easily absorbs oil from the face, neck and back. People with dry skin can choose oil-based masks, such as castor oil or coconut, which moisturize dehydrated skin.
  5. Embrace rose water. Rose has been known for centuries for its healing and anti-aging benefits. To maximize its effect, we should use Rose water as a face toner or as a mist to refresh the skin during the day. This helps us fight dullness and puffiness.
  6. Have a milk bath. Have you ever fancied yourself a milk bath à la Cleopatra? Ayurveda embraces this option! Applying some milk on our face (with a cotton ball dipped in milk) cleanses the pores, while the fats and milk acids cool and make our skin smoother.
  7. Use Aloe Vera gel. Aloe improves skin the condition of our skin from inside and out. Consider drinking aloe, which stimulates digestive system and makes our skin glow.
  8. Use Coconut oil for shiny hair. Hair oiling has been known in India for centuries. While applying oil to our hair, be sure not to forget about massaging. A good massage stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin, which improves hair growth.
  9. Sandalwood and turmeric are a perfect tandem. Together, these two ingredients are very effective at fighting acne. Just mix a pinch of turmeric with a pinch of sandalwood powder, add some water and apply the paste on the affected place (pimple). The next morning, you should notice that the unwelcome “guest” has begun vanishing.
  10. Practice oil pulling for better teeth. Oil pulling is an oral detoxification technique used in Ayurvedic medicine, where oil is swished in the mouth for 10 – 20 minutes. It’s best to use coconut or sesame oil. Oil pulling is not only refreshing, but keeps our gums healthy.
  11. Body massage for skin health. Massages are an excellent way to improve the health of our skin, and are also incredibly relaxing. Abhyanga is a technique in Ayurvedic medicine where the body is massaged with hot oils, and nourishes our skin deeply. This is something that we can do from home, just remember to pay attention to the direction of the massage. Always go down, starting from the head to the tips of our toes. It is of course best to leave massaging to a professional.


What do you think? Have you ever heard of or tried any of these techniques? Do you think Ayurvedic medicine has a place in modern health and beauty care?

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