Face masks are back in vogue, and they have taken the world of cosmetics by storm!

Be it sheet face masks, liquid masks, clay masks, funny ones like bobble masks, magnetic masks and even the popular glue-based charcoal masks, there seems to be a mask to meet everyone’s needs. So much so that even prestigious beauty awards such as the “Pure Beauty Awards” recently recognized face masks as a separate new category for their annual awards.

Clearly then, the trend of face masks is growing and does not seem like it will slow down any time soon. But where did this trend originate? And are Face Masks really all that new?

Face Masks have existed for a long time, but over the years they were pushed aside by other cosmetics trends. More specifically, powdered face masks have been largely forgotten. However, with the expanding interest in Ayurveda, powdered face masks are poised to make a strong comeback in the coming years.

Cosmetic face masks are growing in popularity

Cosmetic face masks are back in style!

Where did powdered face masks go?

This raises a valid question: Why exactly did powder masks get forgotten? Firstly, it’s a question of convenience. It’s not that quick and easy to apply a face mask in powder form, when compared to sheet masks or the ones that come in tubes. Simply squeeze, apply and post a nice picture on Instagram and let the likes roll in. Applying powdered face masks requires a bit more attention and patience, especially since they can be a bit messy in the beginning and require some time to prepare.

So what is the big deal with face masks? Are they better than other facial skin care products on the market? Let’s discover the top 5 reasons why you should consider switching to face masks, especially the powdered ones.

5 reasons to choose powdered face masks

Powdered face masks have many benefits over other types

Powdered face masks are superior in many ways

A Proven History

Powdered Face masks are one of the oldest known natural cosmetics in the world. 5,000 years of Ayurvedic medicine teaches that masks should be used for cleansing and nourishing your skin and hair. The masks, also called Ubtan in India, are a mix of herbs, roots, flowers and plants together with water, milk or oil and applied directly on the skin.

Face masks were also popular in the Middle East, Ancient Rome, and Egypt as cosmetics. Queen Cleopatra, who is known for her love of beauty care, not only took baths in milk and rose water but also was a regular user of face masks based on clay and herbs. By picking the best that nature has to offer to us we are not re-inventing the wheel. Rather, we are essentially going back to the roots of traditional beauty and skin care that have existed for millennia.


The ingredients used in liquid face masks are already activated. Hence, these masks need to be used quickly after opening. As a result, liquid face mask contain a certain amount of potentially unwanted preservatives to prevent the ingredients from spoiling when coming into contact with air.

On the other hand, powdered face masks contain dry ingredients that need to be activated by mixing them with water or milk. As a result the powder can stay stable for longer and needs significantly fewer preservatives, making it a safer alternative for the skin.


Powdered face masks not only cleanse the skin but also nourish and moisturize it. The powder also acts as a gentle exfoliator and improves blood circulation. Powdered face masks give you all of these benefits, while using all-natural ingredients! Exfoliating products work the best in a powdered form, which is why powdered face masks are highly recommended for those who struggle with uneven skin tone, post acne scars, etc.

For Every skin type

Face masks in powdered form can be used by every skin type, however people with oily skin can benefit the most from the amazing properties of these masks. For example, face masks with clay absorb the excess of oil that has gathered on the surface of the skin, remove dead skin cells, and clean dirt from clogged pores.

A Modern Ritual

Mixing a powdered face mask with water or milk gives you the satisfaction of preparing your own cosmetic product made at home, even if it only means simply adding water. Face masks are not for those who wish to simply apply some product while hurrying to get ready for the day. Instead, applying a powdered face mask should be treated as a ritual that requires you to slow down, relax and dedicate a few moments to take care of yourself and your skin. This is a ritual that has been cherished by countless women over thousands of years.

Have you tried any of our DIY powdered face masks? Would yo be interested? Let me know your thoughts.

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