Face masks are easy to use and give excellent results in a short time

Absolutely anyone, regardless of their skin type should consider applying face masks every week as part of their skincare regimen. Using the right mask for the appropriate skin type will help moisturize the skin, fight excessive oiliness, reduce the visibility of pores and much more.

Face masks provide multiple skin care benefits

Face masks provide multiple skin care benefits

8 Benefits of Using Face Masks

If you’re still unconvinced about using face masks, we’ve prepared these 8 important benefits to help convince you otherwise.

1.    Cleansing

You have been regularly cleansing your face every day using soaps, foams, gels or some other form of generic chemicals since childhood. So then how is a face mask any different? Using face masks allows you to adapt the product you are using according to your skin type: oily, dry, sensitive, etc. This gives you the most effective, personalized results. Face masks also penetrate deeper into the skin layers than other solutions, thus giving a detox that your skin really appreciates.

2.    Unclogging pores

There is nothing worse than pores clogged by dirt and dead skin cells, which can lead to infections and pimples. Using face masks regularly cleans your pores and keeps the skin clean, reducing the chances of getting acne.

3.    Blood circulation

Face masks, especially those with peeling ingredients, can help with circulation. The scrubbing action of washing off a dry mask stimulates and expands blood vessels, providing needed nutrition to the skin and improving its general condition. After removing a face mask, the skin regains its glow, leaving it smoother and softer.

4.    General skin care preparation

Thanks to regular face mask application, our skin is always ready for further skin care steps. Any serums, toners, or creams that we apply after using face masks are better absorbed making them work faster and more effectively.

5.    Relaxing

Let’s not forget about the relaxing aspect of face mask application! There is nothing better than the 20-30 minutes devoted for ourselves with a mask on. Just add couple drops of our favorite essential oil, prepare a hot bath, and we can have the full spa experience at home. Clean skin and a relaxed mind, what is there not to love?

6.    Problem targeting

Face masks allow you to address specific conditions related to your skin type, whether it is dryness, oiliness, dehydration, wrinkles or anything else. There is always a face mask that can be personalized just for you and your needs. You can find Ayurveda-inspired face masks right here at ChicChiq, or you can make one for yourself with our DIY recipes!

7.    Easy to use

Applying a face mask is very easy. The whole process takes only 20-30 minutes. You can multi-task while the mask works for you, or use this as a time to relax and reflect.

8.    Two-in-one

Face masks are multi-functional in that a single product can target several skin concerns simultaneously. Wand to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, while exfoliating the skin at the same time? Want to moisturize the skin while rebuilding skin cells? Maybe you want to stimulating blood circulation and have smooth, glowing skin? No matter what your needs, there is always a face mask out there for you. It’s no wonder that face masks remain one of my favorite beauty steps.

An Ayurvedic Haldi Mask being Applied

An Ayurvedic Haldi Mask being Applied

Face masks in Ayurvedic medicine

In India, following Ayurvedic medicine, masks have been used not only on the face but also on the full body. For example, the ubtan homemade mask or Udwarthanam massage, during which herbal powder is used for full body massage. Massage stimulates blood circulation, exfoliates and improves general skin condition.

Turmeric masks, applied before wedding ceremonies, is another good example of how we can benefit from face masks.

Do you rely on face masks for keeping your skin healthy and radiant?

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