A journey into Ayurveda

About CHIC CHIQ’s Ayurveda-inspired Cosmetics

CHIC CHIQ is our personal journey of discovery of Ayurveda, that began back in 2011 and has now resulted in the development of a line of luxury cosmetics inspired by Ayurveda. As we discovered this vast trove of knowledge we understood that while Ayurveda has much to offer us, its solutions are not easily accessible to everyone, require some specific ingredients and a generous dose of patience to prepare your own concoctions with the following process – Pluck it, grind it, mix it and apply it.

Chic Chiq products follow the three basic rules of Ayurveda beauty care: cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing. They are safe and friendly. We use natural and luxurious ingredients from around the world. Whether it’s white Turmeric harvested in the Himalayas, delicate rose petals from Bulgarian fields, or nourishing algae from the oceans, we carefully select only the best ingredients.

Though pure Ayurveda products do tend to have a strong herbal, medicine-like smell which can distract from your relaxation, we have a solution. We paid special attention to all your senses, ensuring a soothing and relaxing experience during your skin care ritual. We have been particularly focused on achieving a smooth texture, relaxing aroma, and clean and moisturizing effect. We did this without compromising the spirit of traditional Ayurveda cosmetics. Our carefully selected bamboo packaging is not only a beautiful addition to your shelf, but is also environmentally and eco-friendly, and completely sustainable.

#SlowBeauty – Why a powder face mask?

Did you know that the first ever known cosmetic in the world was a face mask in a powder form? We even have our own modern version of the traditional Haldi mask. But why are masks in powder form better for your skin?

The process of combining ingredients into a formula requires they be activated, and thus dilutes the potency and effect on the skin from the moment of production. This reduces their effective lifespan, and requires products to be treated with preservatives. For example, vitamin C has a very short shelf life once mixed with water and instead is most stable in a dry, powdered form.


The exotic ingredients found in our CHIC CHIQ powder face masks are activated only when mixed with warm water. As a result, the mask lasts longer because you choose when to activate it- thus reducing the requirements of added preservatives and stabilizers. This form makes the product fresh and healthy for your skin. Your CHIC CHIQ face masks follow the 5,000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda while providing a “DIY” experience without the associated hassle.


Though we subscribe to an ancien,t proven philosophy for our beauty routine, we also acknowledge the realities of living in a modern world. Your time is valuable and you expect to make the most of it when you invest in beauty care. You love living in modern times, and you take advantage of all of its modern possibilities. At CHIC CHIQ we embrace this modern reality, without compromising our skin care or our lifestyle choices. Our beauty care products are carefully designed to meet your needs and give you a personal beauty ritual in exchange for just 15 minutes of your time. We firmly believe that CHIC CHIQ is the modern ritual the world has been waiting for.

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