CHIC CHIQ Affiliates Program Sign-Up Instructions and FAQ

Are you an influencer with an interest in cosmetics, natural remedies and eastern practices? Are your readers and viewers the kinds of people who would love CHIC CHIQ cosmetics? Join our affiliates selling program, and work with us to help spread Ayurveda further!



How To Sign Up

  1. Visit the Affiliate Area to create an account. If you already have a CHIC CHIQ account, you can use that!
  2. When logged in, you will be able to see your Affiliate URL. That is the link you direct your readers/viewers to
  3. You can make the link look more appealing with a URL Shortener service like bit.ly.
  4. Share the original or the shortened URL, and get credit for everyone who makes a purchase.

Affiliates FAQs

  1. Who can sign up? Any influencer in beauty, cosmetics and related topics with an active, original and engaging presence
  2. What are the affiliate terms? We offer 10% commission on each sale
  3. How long are my visits valid? You will be credited for any purchase made up to 30 days after the last click (where browser data remains)
  4. How are payouts handled? Payouts happen on a monthly basis, after the 1st, with a minimum of €10 earned.