Algae have powerful skincare applications

Algae are well known and widely used as a skin care ingredient in many varieties of cosmetics. Rich in vitamins A, C, E as well as important minerals, algae can either be consumed as part of your diet or applied externally as an ingredient in your daily skincare routine. Ayurvedic medicine often mentions a blue algae called Spirulina that is rich with proteins, and as such is a very popular dietary supplement and ingredient in cosmetics.

There are many benefits of using algae in beauty products

Algae offers many powerful skin and healthcare benefits

There are two distinct types of algae: Micro algae and Macro algae. Macro algae, as the name suggests are larger and visible to the human eye, whereas Micro algae cannot be seen without a microscope. Macro and micro algae are both used in the cosmetics industry. Several luxury cosmetics brands like “La Mer” have dedicated separate lines of cosmetics based on algae ingredients, and Chic Chiq makes extensive use of algae in our products.

Should we start using algae in cosmetics?

Actually, many cosmetics already feature algae. Algae are incredible moisturizers and help in quickly improving the overall condition of your skin, rendering it soft and smooth. Regular users of algae will quickly notice a visible improvement in their skin complexion. Algae are also excellent sources of antioxidants, fighting free radicals that cause skin ageing. People with wrinkle-prone skin, such as Vata dosha, and those who are worried about early signs of visible skin ageing should definitely add algae to their regular skin care routine.

Skincare properties of algae:

  • Moisturizing – They regenerate, rejuvenate and hydrate even the deepest layers of the skin
  • Cleansing – they prevent excessive oiliness of the skin, thus reducing the chances of having acne.
  • Anti-wrinkle – Algae are rich in alguronic acid which helps with cell regeneration. They make collagen cells stronger, maing the skin more elastic and flexible, slowing down the aging process.

Which skin types benefit the most from algae?

Although algae are suitable for every skin type and can safely be used by all, those with dry, sensitive and aeing skin stand to derive the maximum benefits from cosmetics featuring algae. If you want to test the benefits at home, you can try our DIY Algae Face Mask!

Do you use algae in your regular skin care routine? What are your favorite algae products? Share with me in the comments below

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