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CHIC CHIQ’s Ayurveda Cosmetics Ingredient List | CHIC CHIQ

Ayurveda Cosmetics Ingredients Overview

Explore the All-Natural Ingredients Used in our Ayurveda-Inspired Cosmetics

Chic Chiq’s Ayurveda-inspired cosmetics use only carefully selected, all-natural ingredients, sourced from responsible growers and suppliers. Below you can explore individually the ingredients that are used in your favorite Chic Chiq products

Base Ingredients

These ingredients are found in multiple product lines, and serve as a base to which other ingredients are added

Algae Cosmetic Base

Diatomaceous Earth


Specialty Ingredients

These specialty ingredients are used in specific products designed to focus on problems that are specific to certain Dosha or skin types

Acacia Flower

Cornflower Petals

Blue Nettle




Jojoba Oil

Mallow Flower

Milk Protein

Plantago Leaf

Prickly Pear Cactus

Rose Petals

Sea Buckthorn



White Nettle

White Turmeric