Calendula (Pot Marigold)

Calendula, also known as pot marigold, is popular in cooler climates and has a long history of use in skin care and for help with digestive issues.

Calendula is used for chapped skin, irritated skin and for skin infections. The essential oils in Calendula stimulate wound healing. Thanks to its antibacterial, anti-septic and immuno-stimulant properties, Calendula is very effective in treating cuts. It promotes collagen production at the location of the wound and minimizes scarring.

Calendula is also a perfectly suitable ingredient in skin care cosmetics because it is:


  • Protective: Natural antioxidants in Calendula protect the skin and keep it healthy, while also giving it a youthful appearance.


  • Anti-aging: Calendula petals contain carotenoids, which are rich in vitamin A. This is a key factor in helping skin look youthful and fighting the signs of aging.


  • Moisturizing: Calendula is perfect for dry and sensitive skin because of its hydrating properties. Moreover, thanks to its oil soluble sterols, calendula plumps the skin and gives a fuller appearance.