Ayurveda is a 5,000 year-old tradition of medicine originating in India. While common throughout the Indian subcontinent, it has struggled to find a foothold in the West. It can seem exotic and inaccessible to people who are not familiar with it, and the wealth of knowledge acquired over the millenia can also be quite intimidating.

That is all changing with the increased recognition of the Now Age and Slow Beauty movements. The growing interest in natural cosmetics is shining light on Ayurveda, and bringing it into the mainstream. Powder facemasks, like the traditional Haldi wedding mask, are becoming the face of Ayurveda, pun intended.

Herbal gulal powders used during Holi

Herbal gulal powders used during Holi

You may be familiar with Holi, known as the festival of colors, where participants celebrate the victory of good over evil. Herbal gulal powders are prepared using natural and washable plant sources like turmeric and neem to give them color, which participants douse one another in, creating an explosion of color and good will.

Powder facemasks are not only among the oldest cosmetics in history, they are also a safe and effective alternative to modern, and often harsh, skincare solutions. Everyone has seen those black charcoal masks taking the internet by storm, and many have experienced the painful results. Why not try a safe and natural charcoal mask instead of pouring glue on your face?

Powder facemasks use similar natural ingredients, albeit with a different goal. Cosmetics in Ayurveda follow three basic principles: they must cleanse, nourish and moisturize.

Solve every skincare issue with Ayurveda cosmetics

Ayurveda has a solution for every skincare problem

Ayurveda has remedies for every skincare problem you may be facing, and every type of complexion and skin type. Best of all, since these are natural ingredients, you can make Ayurveda-inspired cosmetics in the comfort of your own home using common household items! All it takes is a few carefully selected ingredients, mixed together and activated with water, and you too can benefit from thousands of years of skincare knowledge.

It may seem intimidating at first to try a new and exotic skincare routine, but that’s the beauty of Ayurveda cosmetics: they’re safe, natural and effective. I struggled with skin and hair problems during my time in Asia, and nothing worked for me until i found Ayurveda. Whether you have dry, oily or mixed skin, our helpful Ayurveda Dosha quiz will help you identify which dosha are out of balance, and what tactics you can use.

Start a new skincare ritual with us! CHIC CHIQ cosmetics follow in the tradition of Ayurveda, offering natural products made with rare and exotic ingredients, all safely mixed, tested and prepared in our EU laboratory.

Have you tried DIY cosmetics before? What about Ayurveda? Let me know in the comments below!

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