People are undeniably becoming more conscious about what they consume, both looking at ingredients, packaging, and source. This applies to cosmetics as much as anything, and those in powder form are leading the way in a new green revolution in the cosmetics industry. While these products are environmentally friendly in that they save water, they also have other benefits that you may be overlooking.

why should you choose dry cosmetics?

Adding water prior to shipping cosmetics is not ideal

The market is adapting to consumer desires, and being water-conscious is something more and more manufacturers are trying to do. In fact, according to WGSN’s Spotting the Beauty Trends and Markets in 2020, the awareness of various water crises around the world has resulted in “beauty brands … starting to look at processes and ingredients that ensure products limit their dependence on water.” There are also simpler considerations when deciding to go for a powdered cosmetic. Water adds shipping weight, which impacts the price the consumer pays. Also, the shelf-life of cosmetics is dramatically increased if water is not added. By mixing water as needed, you’re ensuring that the product you are applying has the most potent, freshly activated ingredients.

The benefits of using water-conscious cosmetics don’t stop there. As a result of their increased shelf life, dry cosmetics do not need to use potentially dangerous or otherwise unappealing preservatives like parabens. Finally, convenience can play a role both ways. While pre-mixed cosmetics may seem like the more convenient choice, dry options like paper cosmetics let you apply gentle ingredients otherwise unsuited for modern chemical and water based treatments.

CHIC CHIQ is a water-conscious cosmetics brand

CHIC CHIQ embraces the water-conscious movement

Of course, not all cosmetics can be sold dehydrated, but many can be. A great example is that of facemasks, the sudden darling of the cosmetics industry. You’ll find everything from chemical and glue-based charcoal masks, to single-use masks ready to be applied, and even powdered, natural ones. Facemasks are among the oldest cosmetics in the world, actually, and began their life as powdered products. CHIC CHIQ takes water conservation to heart, and all of our cosmetic facemasks are offered only in powder form. When you mix our facemasks, you have the confidence of knowing that all of our exotic ingredients are only then starting to work for you. Plus, without using water, we can offer our products in luxurious bamboo packaging, limiting the need for plastic.

Save water and start a new beauty ritual today with CHIC CHIQ cosmetics.

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