DIY Anti-Aging Algae Face Mask

Face mask therapies based on algae and algae clays are very popular in Spas globally. However, it is easy to bring this relaxing spa experience into your own home with this easy DIY face mask. Follow the instructions below to create a safe and natural do-it-yourself face mask, and reap the anti-aging benefits yourself!

Algae being harvested from the sea

Algae being harvested from the sea


  • ¼ cup of powdered algae
  • 2 tbs of olive oil (for dry skin) or 2 tbs of your favorite clay (for oily skin)
  • two drops of essential oil (optional)
  • water

Mix together all of the above ingredients, and add water to form a thick and consistent paste. Apply to your face and neck and enjoy a relaxing, spa-quality mask in the comfort of your own home. After 15-20 minutes, you can gently wash the mask off and enjoy the benefits!

Have you tried our DIY algae face mask recipe? Do you have any other favorite algae cosmetics that you use?

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