Multani Mitti: A DIY cleansing mask for dry skin using my favorite cosmetic clay!

Multani Mitti is clay that is found naturally in India, North America and England. It is also known as Fuller’s earth, due to its use in cleaning sheep’s wool in England.

Multani Mitti’s cleansing properties have been recognized in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Indian women have been applying Multani Mitti to heal¬†and enhance their skin to this day. It is often mixed with other ingredients easily¬†found in the kitchen like honey, milk and herbs. Moreover, the clay can be applied not only on the skin but also on hair as a substitute for shampoo.

Ayurvedic medicine uses Multani Mitti to treat dry skin

Multani Mitti is an Ayurvedic remedy for dry skin

Today, Multani Mitti is very popular and is added¬†to variety of cosmetics. Many products¬†with use this clay, along with herbs and oils as ingredients. I am not surprised at all why it got¬†so famous. When I tried¬†the clay for the first time I was amazed! I had finally found the perfect pore cleanser. Every time I use Multani Mitti now, I can‚Äôt help but think to myself, “where were you when I was a teenager?”.

Cosmetic Benefits of Multani Mitti

  • Stimulates blood circulation so our skin cells regenerate faster
  • Removes dead skin
  • Cleans pores, evens texture and color of the skin
  • Fights acne and reduces the visibility of scars
  • Absorbs excess oil on the surface of the skin

All the above benefits make Multani Mitti the perfect clay for oily and problematic skin. Most skin types on average need only apply it twice a week. Very oily skin types can increase the frequency to up to 4 times a week.

What About Dry and Sensitive Skin?

People with dry and sensitive skin can also reap the benefits of Multani Mitti, but with care. I do not recommend using it alone without any additional ingredients. Pure Fuller’s earth clay can dry out the skin even more. That is why it is good to add milk, natural yogurt or oils to clean and moisturize the skin alongside it.

DIY Multani Mitti Ayurveda Cleansing

Multani Mitti cosmetic clay being prepared

DIY Multani Mitti Face Mask

  • 1 tea spoon of Multani Mitti
  • ¬Ĺ tea spoon of¬†rose petals powder
  • rose water/water (rose water along with petals¬†moisturize and¬†rejuvenate the skin)

Mix all the above ingredients together until you get a solid paste. If you have dry skin, you can replace the rose water with milk or yogurt. Apply the mask on your face,  andleave it on for around 20 minutes. You can then wash it off with warm water and enjoy a fresh, clean face.

What about the smell? I personally love it! The scent of the Multani Mitti clay reminds me of the fresh, earthy smell of the dirt on a hot summer afternoon, shortly after a storm.

Have you ever tried clay masks? Let us know what you think of this one!

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