Everyone loves a spa day, but, really, the cost of a mani/pedi, facial and massage can be insane for those on a budget. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have your own relaxing spa day, though! Just take the spa home and into your own hands for a day of DIY relaxation.

While it is so relaxing to have someone pamper us with expensive products and treatments, there are ways to duplicate this luxe for a spa staycation. Ready for your DIY spa day? Here are a few at-home remedies to replicate the spa experience. Best of all, your budget won’t be busted!

creative tools for home massage

Typical spa tools are not the only options

DIY Massage

Need to knead the kinks out of your back and neck? Grab a tennis ball (or two) and lay flat on a comfortable spot on the floor (preferably carpet!). Place the tennis balls under sore spots and roll them around with your body. The rolling action is an easy and effective DIY massage.

Balance chakras in your home spa with crystals

Use crystals to balance chakras


Some spas use hot stones during massage. Other practitioners incorporate crystals to help balance the chakras. The belief that certain stones and gems hold energy that can balance parts of the body isn’t proven, but using crystals to help relax can be mind over matter. Want to incorporate crystals to help relax? Choose gems like agate and amethyst that are believed to promote a sense of calm.

Natural powder facemasks for the home spa experience

Use natural powder facemasks in your home spa

Masks and Scrubs

Recreating spa treatments is as easy as opening your fridge or pantry. You can mix up yummy scrubs and masks using simple ingredients like oatmeal, sugar, coconut oil and maybe even some avocado, yogurt or honey. Self has a great list of easy masks to make at home! If we’re a lit lazy we can mix a ready made powder mask as well.

Homemade sugar scrubs also can help slough off dead skin and exfoliate the face and body. All you need is sugar and oil. Be careful using rough sugars on your face, though, as the scrub could irritate or even be too abrasive.

Use coconut oil for softer, shinier hair

Coconut oil for softer, shinier hair

Hair Treatments

For a softer hair, some swear by coconut or argan oils. Try applying a few drops to dry strands to help give them shinier and softer appeal. The oil may also moisturize the scalp. Be sure not to use too much, though, as it could make hair feel greasy or look limp.

Relax with scents in your diy home spa

Aromatherapy has a huge effect on relaxation

Soothing Scents

Setting the mood for an at-home spa day requires happy and soothing scents. Start a warm bath and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Lavender is known to help calm, whereas citrus oils may be uplifting. Just be careful when getting into the bathtub…oils can be slippery!

Use soothing music in your home spa

Soothing music in your home spa

Tranquil Tunes

Your at-home spa should include relaxing music to help soothe your body and mind. Choose tunes from your playlist that help you feel happy and relaxed. This can be instrumental compositions, folk melodies or something completely unique.

Disconnect from modern distractions in your home spa

The cloud will still be there, disconnect for a moment

Do Not Disturb

If you want an evening or day of relaxation, mute the phone or put it on vibrate. Obviously, you don’t want to miss an important message or call. However, you also don’t want tech to be a distraction…or a stress inducer. The cloud will still be there when you reconnect, and you deserve to make the most of your relaxation time.

While everyone loves a spa day, sometimes the budget just won’t budge. Take the spa into your home and host a DIY spa day. Mix up masks and scrubs, infuse the bath with soothing scents and set the mood with your favorite music. You don’t have to spend a fortune to relax…but you do have to get creative!

Guest post by Gwen Lewis, CHIC CHIQ’s specialist in body and beauty care


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