CHIC CHIQ is proud to announce the fourth member of our line of natural, Ayurveda-inspired powder facemasks. Chocolat is a luscious new treat for your skin, made with 70% dark chocolate, multani mitti and licorice. Chocolate is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, while also cleansing the skin and reducing discolorations. Multani Mitti has been used since ancient times for skin cleansing, and licorice root is a natural solution for fighting against skin blemishes caused by acne or excessive exposure to the sun.

Our new Chocolat facemask is especially suited for people with Kapha skin, the most common symptom of which is oily skin, or anybody who wants to indulge in the otherworldly aromas of this cleansing mask. Like all of our natural facemasks, Chocolat is offered in a water-conscious powder form, which eliminates the need for harsh preservatives and ensures the exotic ingredients contained within are only activated when you’re ready to use them. Our luxurious bamboo packaging is both beautiful and sustainable, and sure to occupy a place of pride among your cosmetics and our handy travel sachets let you enjoy 20 minutes of ritual bliss, even when away from home.

Applying the Chocolat facemask from CHIC CHIQ

Our Ayurveda-inspired¬†Chocolat¬†powder face mask follows the 5,000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda, which focuses on cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing the skin, while giving you a fresh product with a ‚ÄúDIY feeling‚ÄĚ experience. Visit our blog for Ayurvedic knowledge, news, and instructions for DIY cosmetics, or visit our growing list of influencers who are raving about our #NowAge and #SlowBeauty facemasks.

To celebrate the release of our new mask, as well as to promote our attendance of the upcoming EKOtyki natural cosmetics show, we are offering 15% every purchase that includes our new Chocolat facemask. Just use promo code CHOCO15, up until EKOtyki on March 10th. Shop now!

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