How Did CHIC CHIQ Begin?





The story of CHIC CHIQ first started in Hong Kong in 2011. At the time, I was working, having fun and meeting tons of people. I was also travelling around Asia and getting to know the many colorful cultures and its traditions. It is during this time that i first tried a turmeric face mask and first learned about Ayurveda. Since that moment, I was hooked. I dove into this 5,000 year-old tradition of medicine, beauty and philosophy.

Then, a very important trip to Vietnam happened, and it changed my life completely. I met my future husband on a motorcycle road-trip in the jungles of Vietnam. From that time on I had a wonderful partner, and my passion became our passion.

My future husband was living in Tokyo at the time, so travelling became the norm. We were completely convinced that after months of flights back and forth between Tokyo and Hong Kong that Hong Kong Express opened up a dedicated route for us. We also took spontaneous expeditions throughout Thailand, which we also love deeply. Finally, we made our way to India. I eagerly explored the amazing world of Ayurveda which had become my passion, and fully immersed myself in it for our big Indian wedding.

After that i came Tokyo where i spent a year with my husband, and this is where the “Chic Chiq” idea started to form in our heads. This is when it got its name and purpose.


I began writing blog posts and creating videos to share the knowledge I was gaining on the path of Ayurveda. I began embracing the philosophy of Ayurveda when it came to skin, hair and health care. I began treating these daily routines not as tasks, but as rituals with deep personal meaning as they once were.

Face masks were the logical place to start, as they are central to Ayurveda and among the oldest cosmetics in the world. You can create effective face masks for any skin type and condition using safe and natural ingredients. Applying face masks became my own ritual, giving me a special time to reflect, relax, and of course pamper my skin. This gave rise to the CHIC CHIQ Ayurveda-inspired cosmetics and lifestyle brand we have today.

CHIC CHIQ’s all-natural cosmetics follow the three basic rules of Ayurveda: Cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing. We encourage you to find 15 minutes in a day just for yourself, to take a step back from life in the hectic and fast-paced modern world.

Skincare is essential, and a required first step before applying makeup. You have to first take care of your skin before you can play with it. Our products deliver everything your skin needs: an instant glow, moisturizing, nourishment and cleansing.

We take the Ayurveda Philosophy to heart in all aspects. Our ingredients are safe, natural and luxurious. From white turmeric that is only gathered once a year in the Himalaya to Rose petals delicately plucked from Bulgarian fields and nourishing algae from the depths of the world’s seas, our ingredients are carefully selected and lovingly presented in our minimalistic but elegant packaging.

CHIC CHIQ Ayurveda-inspired cosmetics are made by us so we can share our journey with you. We want you to have the same meaningful, spiritual and uplifting experience that we cherish, and hope to let CHIC CHIQ become your own modern ritual.

– Patrycja & Amol