The blue-green algae is rich in nutrients such as amino acids and proteins. Spirulina contains more beta-carotene, the Vitamin A precursor, than any other substance on the planet. Vitamin A, or retinol is a main ingredient in keeping healthy skin.

Spirulina contains a significant amount of the essential amino acid Tyrosine, which is involved in the proper coloration of the skin. It also contains a high amount of zinc which is also beneficial for the skin.

Thanks to vitamin E, selenium and tyrosine, Spirulina is a perfect anti-aging ingredient. The presence of vitamin C, E, A, K and vitamin B 12, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium make spirulina a great toning nutrient to achieve glowing skin.

Spirulina flushes out heavy elements and toxins from the body because it enhances the process of metabolism. Spirulina facilitates faster cell turnover that helps skin heal faster. Due to a high concentration of chlorophyll, spirulina removes free radicals and makes skin smoother and softer, as well as prevent signs of aging like wrinkles.

Spirulina is anti-bacterial and removes the dead cells gathered on the skin thus protecting skin from acne breakouts. Moreover, spirulina is effective in treating dark circles, removing dark shadows and dryness.