Ayurveda, meditation, astrology and bio cosmetics are no longer confined just to small groups of enthusiasts. With the proliferation of information through the internet and recently via social media, these topics are more and more accessible with better and more detailed information available for free. As a result, these fields are becoming increasingly popular even amongst the larger general audience. But what is driving such a high level of interest in mysticism suddenly?

Nowadays everything happens at the speed of light, and it is getting tougher to find some time just purely for ourselves and as a result we have become disoriented. Due to this information overload from all directions, with digital devices as a major culprit, our brain cannot cope with it all and seeks to categorize it and place it in order. But the key question remains: how can you find a balance between this modern hectic world and your own peaceful well-being?

Recently we have seen a fresh trend emerging around the world and it’s called Now Age.

What is Now Age?

Now Age philosophy is the New Age in modern practice

Now Age is the modern take on New Age

I am sure you have heard about New Age, a spiritual trend started in the 60s by a group of people in the West fascinated by mostly Eastern Oriental spirituality, astrology, and alternative ways of taking care of their skin, health, etc. To understand the origins of New Age better, we have to turn to astrology.

Approximately every two thousand years, our planet enters into the influence of a different zodiac sign. New Age is connected with age of Aquarius, which according to some definitions also started in the 60s. By the time the first decade of the 21st century rolled around, the Earth had completed its transition into the times of Aquarius.

“The 21st Century is when we transitioned fully into the Age of Aquarius (some say 2012 was the actual tipping point). So, by my logic, this is also when the new age became the now age!” – this is how Ruby Warrington, the founder of the website “The Numinous” and a former stylist with big fashion magazines defines today’s times.

“Everything that New Age was talking about it’s happening now, this right moment, that is why “New” has changed into “Now” and gained a new modern, fresh version” – writes Ruby in her book “Material girl, mystical world”.

Simply, Now Age is a refreshed New Age, adjusted to the reality of the present.

Now Age is the Age of Aquarius

The Now Age is the Age of Aquarius in practice

Now Age is tied to the Age of Aquarius

The Aquarian era is a time of technology, fast flow of information with no boundaries, innovations, revolutions and radical ideas. With our brain constantly stimulated with enormous amounts of data attacking us from every direction, we have problems adjusting to the new reality that surround us. Engaging in yoga, meditation, astrology, following our dharma etc. helps our body and mind make sense of the world we live in right now. Thanks to these practices we learn how to live in the Now Age

Subscribing to Now Age does not mean you must neglect new technology and it does not ask you to drop everything that’s material in this world and go to the so called “forest” and live in tnature, as some assume New Age might have encouraged. Quite the opposite actually. Thanks to technology, information is fast, easy and accessible to absolutely anybody who seeks it. Using modern digital applications, we can learn new yoga poses, meditation tactics, get analysis of our horoscopes and adjust skin care routines to our individual Ayurvedic dosha.

These once exotic and inaccessible practices have become easier and more available like never before and we should use that fact to the fullest. Ruby Warrington’s book describes different “mystic” ways that we can choose to find ourselves in a more spiritual world.

Now Age Skin and Hair Care

What does this have to do with skin and hair care? A lot. A cosmetic product that is bio, eco-friendly, natural and so on, is already quite common and certainly nothing extraordinary. We expect cosmetic products to be chemical-free and environmentally friendly, etc. Consumers are increasingly sensitive and demanding about the products they use on their faces. As a result, being just a bio product is not enough and people expect cosmetics that represent something deeper. I like to call it cosmetics with “soul”.

What are Now Age cosmetics with “soul”?

In Now Age skin and hair care, a product is not something to be simply mechanically applied on the body or hair. Instead, it the whole process should be treated as a kind of a ritual that brings deeper meaning to the user and balances their inner energy. This is in-line with Ayurveda philosophy and its three doshas – energies that govern our body and soul. Skin care and hair care has to be balanced not only from the outside but from the inside as well. Meditation, yoga, correct diets, astrology, etc. are just some ways that we can apply balance in our everyday lives.

Now Age Cosmetic Ingredients

The ingredients used and the process of manufacturing are very important as well. Cosmetics with “soul” are often manufactured by small and upcoming brands. As mentioned before, being natural is not enough. The routine of skin and hair care has to be meaningful. For example, selecting ingredients that grow only in one place in the world during a certain season, or a specific herb that has been known to a local population for its healing properties and so on. Manufacturing processes need to be adjusted to be as close to the old techniques as possible, while maintaining modern safety and quality standards. But the most important aspect behind a product is why this certain cosmetic has been created in the first place. Does it have a deeper meaning? Or is it just a standard product manufactured and marketed for the masses by a huge corporation.

Now Age Cosmetics Today

Chic Chiq facemask is Now Age applied

Chic Chiq cosmetics are a prime Now Age example

We prefer cosmetics that carry with them a piece of the “soul” of its creators. That is why usually small manufacturers are very strongly connected with their products. The story of why they chose to create their cosmetics and their philosophy towards skin care is just as important as the cosmetics they produce.

Interestingly, more and more people are getting interested in old and traditional methods of skin and hair care, like the ones that their grandmothers used. These traditional solutions are also getting confirmations as effective in modern medical research. It is not difficult to see why. What was used for thousands of years has survived because it just simply works. Period.

What I like in the Now Age approach, apart from the spirituality and being open to alternative solutions, is not resigning completely from modern pleasures. Now Age does not neglect or avoid our modern times. Though we already know that overindulging in pizza or wine is not good, it is also okay to have a bit of fun once in a while. Everything is a part of the experience of life, and it is important to not deny ourselves some of these “pleasures” to be fully alive. This provides us with balance and we learn to resign from things that don’t bring any value to our lives. Ruby’s life is a living example. I can take care of my spirituality, use natural, meaningful cosmetics and read tarot but at the same time I can go to Starbucks and drink some coffee, buy that branded bag and shamelessly use Social Media.

To discover more about New Age, I highly recommend reading “Material girl Mystical world” where Ruby explains her journey to mysticism and how, thanks to astrology, she found herself, her dharma or mojo. We also invite you to join our journey into the world of Now Age, through our Ayurveda-inspired all-natural cosmetics.

I found my dharma in Ayurveda and skin care. How will you find yours?









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