You’ve heard about those black peel-off face masks with activated charcoal, but do they work?

They are supposed to get rid of breakouts, clean our skin, and make it smooth and beautiful. Sounds simple enough, but do they really work like that? What are the pros and cons of this new fad in skincare treatment?

What's the Truth About Activated Charcoal Face Masks?

What does ChicChiq think of these activated charcoal masks?

Recently I purchased one of the most popular blackhead peel-off masks on the market. These masks don’t really belong to the genre of natural cosmetics, but nevertheless I was curious and wanted to try it out on myself (and on my unsuspecting husband).

This particular mask is meant for the whole face, sans the eyebrows. However, considering the ingredient list and my skin type, I decided to test it only on my nose. The marketing teams behind charcoal masks claim they completely cleanse your pores while leaving your skin soft and smooth. I was expecting great things from this product, but I was left rather disappointed. Ignoring the overpowering and artificial smell of glue, the mask did what it was supposed to, but fell short of my heightened expectations. Conclusion? Nothing special.

In my opinion, these “peel-off” masks are purely mechanical solutions, similar to waxing one’s legs. They treat symptoms, but fail to address the underlying root cause. Furthermore, by peeling off your micro facial hair and desiccating the skin, you end up losing your protective, naturally oily layer. This is potentially harming your skin in the long run. Needless to say, we have to strongly advise against venturing anywhere near your eyebrows. Peel-off masks aren’t meant for every skin type, and people with sensitive skin should especially refrain from using them altogether.

Is activated charcoal bad?

Not at all! In Medicine, activated charcoal has long been recognized for its healing properties to treat ailments such as stomach flu and as a poison antidote! Thanks to its toxin absorbing properties, activated charcoal works wonders for those with oily skin and with acne tendencies.

A simple google search for “how to make a black peel off mask”, will lead you to hundreds of DIY tutorials, mostly using gelatin instead of glue. Gelatin is much safer than the glue-based products you find commercially on the shelves. However, I have a more natural skin care solution, inspired by traditional Ayurveda medicine.  Visit our guide and make your own DIY Activated Charcoal Mask!

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